K12 Inc (NYSE:LRN) Costs Of Goods Sold Stands At $607.756 Millions

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K12 Inc (NYSE:LRN) Costs Of Goods Sold Stands At $607.756 Millions

on May 28, 2016

For the fiscal ended 2015-06-30, K12 Inc (NYSE:LRN) comprehensive income was $-1.065 millions and for the quarter ended 2015-06-30, it was $-1.065 millions.

K12 Inc (NYSE:LRN) posted $9.326 millions on net loss/income for the fiscal closed 2015-06-30. For the quarter ended 2015-06-30, it came at $9.326 millions.

Cost of goods sold

For the year ended 2015-06-30, K12 Inc (NYSE:LRN) costs of goods sold was $607.756 millions. This figure came at $607.756 for the quarter ended 2015-06-30.

The cost of goods sold is posted on the income statement and is stated as cost of the accounting period. By comparing the revenues from the goods sold and cost of the goods sold, the matching concept of accounting is achieved. Also, cost of goods sold deducted from the sales revenues represents gross profit. By adjusting the cost of the goods manufactured or purchased by the change in record of finished goods gives cost of goods sold.

Deferred revenue

K12 Inc (NYSE:LRN) current deferred revenue was $24.927 millions, for the year ending on 2015-06-30. It was $24.927 millions for the quarter closed 2015-06-30.

K12 Inc (NYSE:LRN) posted $7.692 millions for the fiscal ended 2015-06-30, which was $7.692 millions for the quarter closed 2015-06-30.

EBIT and EBIT margins

K12 Inc (NYSE:LRN) EBIT for the year ended 2015-06-30 and quarter 2015-06-30 came at $18.4271 millions and $18.4271 millions, respectively.

K12 Inc (NYSE:LRN) announced EBIT margin of 18.4271% and 18.4271% for the year ended 2015-06-30 and quarter ended 2015-06-30, respectively.

EBIT is a measure of a firm’s earning capacity from ongoing businesses, equal to earnings before subtraction of income taxes and interest. It excludes expenditure and income from unusual, discontinued or non-recurring activities. In event of a firm with minimal amortization activities and depreciation, EBIT is tracked closely by creditors, because it indicates the amount of funds that such a firm will be able to deploy to pay off creditors, also termed operating profit.

EBITDA and EBITDA margins

K12 Inc (NYSE:LRN) reported EBITDA of $18.4271 millions for the year closed 2015-06-30. EBITDA for the quarter closed 2015-06-30 was 18.4271 millions. For the fiscal ended 2015-06-30 EBITDA margin was 18.4271%

Book value

K12 Inc (NYSE:LRN) book value for the fiscal ended 2015-06-30 was $14.0065. The book value was $14.0065 for the quarter ended 2015-06-30.

Common shares count

K12 Inc (NYSE:LRN) common shares for the fiscal closing 2015-06-30 was 38.335. For the quarter ended 2015-06-30, there were 38.335 common shares outstanding.

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