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A New Kind of Stock Chart: K12 Inc (NYSE:LRN) Critical Pivot Points

K12 Inc (NYSE:LRN) Critical Pivot Points as of


(LRN Stock Price as of Publication: $11.39)

This is a real time view of the critical technical pivot points for K12 Inc (NYSE:LRN) .

The technical pivot points we look at all surround the stock price movement from the last 10-trading days through the last year. Here are the pivots, starting with the tightest measures of support and resistance, and then moving to the various moving averages and annual range.

K12 Inc Pivot Points

Current Price     $11.39
Technical Support     $11.18
Technical Resistance     $11.96
52 Week Low     $7.11
10-day Moving Average     $11.72
50-day Moving Average     $12.39
200-day Moving Average     $10.65
52 Week High     $14.45

Next we move to a graphical representation of the critical technical pivot points.

You can hover over the points to see the actual prices.

K12 Inc Pivot Points Scatterplot
(a new stock chart, built for traders)

Yr Low200-dayMA50-dayMA10-dayMAYesterdayClose$11.53LRNToday$11.39Yr High52 Wk LowBCDEF52 Wk High468101214161820

The green pivot point to the far right is the 52 week high.

The red pivot point to the far left is the 52 week low.

The blue pivot point is the current stock price.

The three pivot points in the middle represent the moving averages.


The next resistance pivot point is $11.72.

The next support pivot point is $10.65.

This is a new kind of stock chart – one built for traders that bypasses the weaknesses of only looking at a time series
as it shortens the time to conclusion about a stock’s critical technical position.

Pivot Point Summary

➤ Look how easily we can see that the current price (the blue points) is in between all of the purple dots,
which are the 200-, 50- and 10-day moving averages, respectively, pointing to the proximity of the next critical pivot point.

➤  The stock price is above the 200-day moving average

➤  The stock price is below the 50-day moving average

➤  The stock price is below the 10-day moving average

A New Kind of Stock Chart: For the Trader

This scatterplot for K12 Inc (NYSE:LRN) , with the technical pivot points marked as points in time rather than a time series, is
the next evolution of stock chart.

You can get this same chart for any stock here:

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