K12 upgraded to Overweight By First Analysis

K12 upgraded to Overweight By First Analysis

August 10, 2016 10:01 am

Writer: Camille Ainsworth

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US Broker Ratings

In an analyst rating update on Wednesday shares of K12 (NYSE:LRN) had their rating upgraded by analysts at First Analysis.

The broker said it has now set a ‘Overweight’ rating on shares of K12 with a price target of 14. The price target according to the broker shows a possible increase of 23.35% from the current stock price of 11.35.

Over the last twelve months K12’s share price has decreased from 14.88 to 11.35, changing by -23.72%.

The companies 50 day moving average is 12.68 and its 200 day moving average is 11.16. The 52 week high K12’s shares have peaked at is 15 whilst the 52 week low for the company’s shares is 7.11.

K12 has 37,492,000 shares which are currently outstanding with a price of 11.35 calculating K12’s market capitalisation to 425.53M USD .

K12 Inc. (K12) is a technology-based education company. The Company offers curriculum, software systems and educational services designed to facilitate individualized learning for students in kindergarten through 12th grade (K-12). It provides a range of technology-based educational products and solutions to public school districts, public schools, virtual charter schools, private schools and families. The Company offers a set of products and services primarily to three lines of business, which include public school programs, which consists of managed programs and non-managed programs, Institutional Sales, which includes educational products and services sold to school districts, public schools and other educational institutions that it does not manage and international and private pay schools, which consists of private schools. The Company offers a range of learning applications, which include mobile learning, interactive games, virtual labs, e-book and digital book distribution.

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